Casa Prîor



In the middle of a world that has been walking faster than it has been able to assimilate for a long time, there is a place where minutes are simmered, to the rhythm of the hours of the day and the waves of the sea. A natural rhythm, in which it is easy to immerse yourself, as simple as letting yourself be carried away by who we really are, primitive beings connected to a nature from which we strive to escape. Because it is natural to be and to feel, to look more inward, to know each other, and then to let the body marvel itself at whatever happens. All that happens every day with hardly any noise. The sun sinking into the waves, the stars flooding a clean and clear sky, the autumn breeze reminding us that we have changed the season. A simple conversation, a sincere hug, a good intention. Life. It is natural to live, and we forget it every day. Welcome to CASA PRIOR, a place where you can recover lost ancestral paths.

Written by Eva Villamar

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