My name is Camilla and this is my home CASA PRÎOR.

I am a Norwegian woman crazy in love with nature and the energy of Northern Galicia.

As a young girl my family taught me the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and being in contact with nature, and growing up that’s the line I’ve been trying to follow.

After living many years in different cities and working stressful days in a big company, this was just what I needed – putting my feet back on the ground and inhaling the smell of the ocean.

Step by step I started to create my future knowing for sure that being happy and healthy was my focus and sharing my home and its energy was my goal.

That’s how the idea of Casa Prîor was born.

After spending some months looking for a place to buy close to the sea, I found this 150 year old stone house surrounded by wild and beautiful beaches on the northwestern tip of Galicia, more precisely in the village of Covas.

The rumors say it once belonged to a wealthy gentleman who used it as his getaway for hunting.

These days the only thing we hunt is the peace and quiet.

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